The PDS Carl Hester Collection features the unbreakable carbon fibre tree, X-Change System and the AMS panel.

The tree interacts with the movement of horse and rider enabling the horse to move freely and giving the rider comfort. The optimum level for the saddle is maintained using the X-Change System and fine tuning by wool placement inside the AMS panels.

Carbon fiber tree

All PDS saddle trees are made of Carbon fiber making them very light and incredibly strong. The tree will improve your horse’s comfort and performance through it’s anatomical design giving incredible contact between horse and rider. Carbon fiber offers strength and flexibility allowing the tree widths to be adjusted.

X-Change® System

Most horse owners are faced with the problem that their horse changes shape from season to season or even throughout a season. This can often be inconvenient and expensive to resolve. Looking after your horses back at any time is crucial to its performance and inevitable compromises are forced upon the horse owner by other brands that do not allow adjustment. This may result in permanent damage both physically and mentally to your horse. All PDS saddles can be adjusted easily, often on site, to ensure that your saddle always fits perfectly.

AMS® Panels

AMS® panels distribute load and reduce pressure on a horse’s back.